• Hanging

    Using a secure hook, screw, or a nail to hang your piece is strongly recommended. Stained glass is heavier than it looks and is pretty fragile, so avoid using suction cups. Should you choose to use one, check and clean it often to make sure it's secure.

  • Cleaning

    Your piece will arrive cleaned, waxed, and polished. To maintain, wipe with a microfiber cloth, and if needed, use warm water and a mild dish soap (I use Dawn!) to wash it. Gently dry it off immediately after washing.

  • Polishing

    It's natural for oxidization to occur over time on lead and solder lines - a wet q-tip can be used to wipe this away. Carnuba car wax can be used to restore the shine and add more protection to slow additional oxidization.

All stained glass pieces contain lead, which is unsafe to ingest. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.